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A Late Start to the New Year

Here it is March 1st already. The flowers are blooming, the grass is green and I still haven't ventured out into the world of early spring. Call it anxiety, fear, laziness, or just plain unmotivated. I did get some new indoor shots of dead and dying flowers, mostly tulips. They will be posted soon.

Here are a couple new things I added late.

This one came from some experimentation with low light and a macro filter. I just love the Autumn colors of this flower and the flash really made it luscious. This photo hasn't gotten a ton of response on the online galleries it is featured on, but I am absolutely fascinated with it.

This next one is called The Death of Summer.

A withered sunflower under the right light, has some amazing details and textures.

I also fairly recently did some macro shots of tulips as they began to wilt.

I can't get enough of tulips. They are all so interesting to look at in every stage of their life and death. Stay tuned for some captures of the death of tulips.

Now I think it's time to get to work optimizing this site and working on getting some exposure. I'm curious if anyone even reads my blog........leave a comment if you're reading this so I don't feel so alone.......;)

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